March 29, 2006

- My blog has moved, this is the last post !!! -

Hi everyone
This is the last post on this blog.
I have bought myself a domain and it is now up and running.

Please change your bookmarks/links to:

I am still making some small adjustments to the new blog, feel free to comment on the design (and of course the photos)

Hope to see you on the new blog soon :-)
Over and out...

March 28, 2006

- Our dog -

And a test of my new 50mm/1.7 lense Posted by Picasa

March 27, 2006

- Tallest Sun Dial -

It is Europes tallest sun dial.
It has an accuracy of +/- 2 minutes, but no automatic adjustment for daylight saving time :-) Posted by Picasa

March 24, 2006

- Take a guess ! -

 Posted by Picasa

March 21, 2006

- Problems !!! -

I am having major problems posting pictures lately. Today I finally managed to post a picture. I think the problems are because I am close to have exceeded the limit of space. So I am now considering stopping this blog, and continue elsewhere....
But I will keep you informed here...

- What is this? -

March 18, 2006

- Havnbjerg Mill -

An old mill around 25 km from where I live Posted by Picasa

March 17, 2006

- House at the Ocean -

 Posted by Picasa

March 16, 2006

- Tree -

 Posted by Picasa

March 15, 2006

- Another Beach Shot -

 Posted by Picasa