February 25, 2006

- Reflection -

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den 26 February, 2006 13:52, Anonymous ana wrote...

This is beautiful and moody at the same time.

den 26 February, 2006 21:58, Blogger Gustav Jensen wrote...

Thank you very much Ana

den 27 February, 2006 13:42, Blogger Ginnie wrote...

Gustav, where do you find all these places??!! Are they in your back yard? Do you walk to them? Do you have to drive long distances to them? I'm always amazed by how MANY different spots you have "up your sleeve."

Gorgeous, as always.

Prairie Girl once asked me why I don't make my thumbnails bigger on my posts. That was at the beginning of January and since then, I've displayed my photos at the largest size. If anyone should do that, it's YOU! Think about it!

den 27 February, 2006 13:43, Blogger Ginnie wrote...

It just dawned on me that maybe you already are, Gustav. Maybe the width of your post area limits your size?

den 27 February, 2006 17:00, Blogger Gustav Jensen wrote...

Hi Ginnie. No this is actually around 40 kms from me, along a stream, with watermills and small ponds.

But most of my picture are taken within a 5 km radius


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