November 21, 2005

- Under the Bridge at Night -

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den 21 November, 2005 19:43, Blogger merlinprincesse wrote...

With the graffitis, it almost looks like a dying world. And I love the green lighting. Are you taking all those night photos at 3:00 am? Cause we never see anybody on your pics...No no! You don't have to answer that...:o)

den 21 November, 2005 21:41, Blogger Gustav Jensen wrote...

Hi. I actually did some correction of the colours so that it looked more naturally, but this green lighting actually fits the picture better so I canceled the corrections.
The night pictures I take are all taken before 10 P.M. On one of the pictures I took of the old bridge a jogger actually came by, but he didn't appear on the picture. Maybe he was a ghost ;-)

den 22 November, 2005 12:10, Blogger Stephanie wrote...

this is beautiful! i love the color of this! i like how you set up this shot! very cool

den 23 November, 2005 03:53, Anonymous ana wrote...

I like the lonely feel to this one.

den 25 November, 2005 02:44, Anonymous Otto K. wrote...

This is a wonderful picture. I love the color and composition.

den 05 January, 2006 03:49, Blogger Clo wrote...

The two colors in that pic are the perfect complementary of each other. (Am I clear?)
Anyway, it's a great pic!


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