November 05, 2005

- Sønderborg by night -

Sønderborg by night taken wednesday. Here you see the other bridge that crosses the sound. This one is from around 1930


den 05 November, 2005 20:58, Blogger Ginnie wrote...

Wow, Gustav. I love your night shots! I've asked Santa for a tripod, so maybe I'll be able to do a lot more shots of just about anything!

den 06 November, 2005 05:20, Blogger merlinprincesse wrote...

Everybody is taking night shots!!!! Must be the season. ;o)
This one is very nice and the others too!

den 06 November, 2005 13:30, Anonymous Aan wrote...

Beautiful reflections.

den 06 November, 2005 17:26, Blogger Gustav Jensen wrote...

Thank you everyone :-) I am glad you like the night shots.
It definetely is the season, it's gets dark around 5-6 pm here in Denmark at the moment, so shooting in daylight is now only possible during the weekend :-(


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