October 18, 2005

- Darkness -

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den 20 October, 2005 16:57, Blogger Expat Traveler wrote...

Gustov - lovely photos. Since I'm not from Denmark, I'd love to know more about them. IS there a place where you describe each photo? If not, really I think that would make your photos a bit more intriguing. :)

den 20 October, 2005 19:30, Blogger Gustav Jensen wrote...

No I'm afraid not.
I will try in the future to tell more about the pictures.
This picture was taken shortly after sunset (the blue hour) at a place called Stolbro. The picture shows Augustenborg Fjord (Augustenburg Bay), in the distance you see our local tiny airport.
I have done much to the picture. Small adjustments of saturation (color) and a little blur as far as I remember.


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